Expectations From Students and Parents

From Students

Willing to invest minimum 12-14 hours a day for self development and have a thirst for learning.
Committed, sincerity, willingness to work hard under stress with clearly set goals and high standards for self.
Do not consider the Institute as a placement agency but as a grooming ground and learning center to pursue knowledge and skills acquisition.
Self motivated and enthusiastic having a winnerís attitude.

From Parents

At RICIS, we are very grateful to the parents of students for having vested faith in us and sent their child to pursue their higher studies with us.
Our only appeal to the parents is that they must not break the learning process and not approach the management for their child to be given leave on festivals, for weddings of distant relatives, any other family functions.
We also request parents to support us and not become a hindrance by making requests which will disrupt or interrupt the learning process that we have planned.